Reading Initiatives

TABPHE Corpus Christi formed a partnership with Barbershop Books and Little Free Libraries. Our goal is to support reading during youth intercessions. TABPHE Corpus Christi sponsored two reading spaces under Barbershop Books. These spaces are maintained by the owners of the barbershop and books are refilled by local Little Free Library trustees. The TABPHE CC Little Free Library is currently set up in Judge Joe Benavides' courtroom. We participate in a court ordered reading program that institutes reading and completing projects in exchange for a reduction in time/fines for truancy charges for both students and parents.

TABPHE Corpus Christi "Reading Centers"

RJ'S Hair Tech, 4531 Ayers St., Corpus Christi, TX
Kain't Be Faded, 3903 Ayers St., Corpus Christi, TX
Justice of the Peace, JP 1-1, 901 Leopard St., Room 116, Corpus Christi, TX - Currently unavailable
Diva Dolls, 3131 McArdle Rd B, Corpus Christi, TX 78415
Barbershop Books Installation


The Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education (TABPHE), “taffy”, serves as a voice in helping educational Institutions address key goals for achieving success by working through local chapters to ensure a better educational system and equitable opportunities for all.


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