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TABPHE Corpus Christi has 4 categories of membership available (click title to join under that membership):

A. General Member - is open to professional representatives from the faculty, staff and administration presently employed or retired from higher education and/or educational-related fields committed to the aims and objectives of TABPHE-CC upon payment of local dues shall have voting rights.


B. Associate Member -  is open to individuals committed to the aims and objectives of TABPHE and who may be employed in, or retired from, professions other than those in higher education upon payment of local dues shall have voting rights.

C. Student Membership - is open to students currently enrolled in higher education committed to the aims and objectives of TABPHE-CC upon payment of local dues shall have voting rights.

D. Honorary Membership - may be conferred upon professionals who have rendered distinguished service or who have made outstanding or noteworthy contributions in support of TABPHE. These members shall be exempt from the payment of dues and shall have speaking rights only.

In addition to the duties designated in the Bylaws, each Officer and Local Chapter Member shall make the following fundamental commitments to the chapter:


Time Commitment

  • Commit to attending a minimum of eight scheduled meetings per year.

  • Commit to spending at least two hours per month doing something for the chapter (e.g., recruit new members, gather information for the newsletter, call another chapter member).


Financial Commitment

  • Commit personal and/or professional resources in the form of copies, postage, cash, etc., for special projects of the chapter according to one's ability and in compliance with all local and state rules and regulations associated with one's place of employment.


Conference Support Commitments

  • Commit to supporting the Association's Annual State Conference. Support may include, but is not limited to, assisting in the local advertisement of the conference, attending the conference, bringing individuals or sponsoring individuals to attend the conference, and donations of finances and/or time in support of conference.

For more information on TABPHE State Membership, TABPHE Life Membership or Institutional Membership please refer to the TABPHE State website.

Applications for membership are available for download. Please download the fillable application and forward to .  Membership payments can be mailed with application or


Membership purchases are also available online by clicking the appropriate type above.



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